Where do we operate?

It is the foundation of our success. Consolidated thanks to the trust of our clients in the reliability of our work, we cover all kinds of needs.

  • Full load in tautliner trailer or refrigerator
  • Specialists in shared load / Groupage and batches
  • Express Pallet / Peninsula and Islands / transits 24h and 48 / 72h / lengths up to 4mt
  • Courier service.
  • Urgent transport dedicated direct door-to-door
  • Special heavy and oversized transports



Our offer of services must adjust to new market situations. We have been part of the launch of the PALLEX paletería network and since then we have been your exclusive partner for Asturias.

Specially designed for the shipment and collection of palletized merchandise, it completes our catalog covering a demand that has not been met until then in our sector:

  • Daily connection in the peninsula, including Portugal, the Balearic Islands, Andorra, Ceuta, Melilla and Gibraltar.
  • Weekly connection with the Canary Islands.
  • Two services according to the client's need and urgency; Standard 48/72 hours and Premium 24 hours.
  • Flexibility in the formats of the pallets; up to 1500kg per package, 2.4m high and 4m long.
  • Possibility of collection and delivery in vehicles with lifting platform (up to 1200kg)
  • Specialists in Large Surfaces and deliveries with an agreed date and time.
  • Twine. Solid computerized management system with digitized delivery notes.
  • Online traceability of your orders and access to delivery receipts.
  • Our “solitaire” application allows you to express, document and label your orders from your own office.
  • Wide coverage of merchandise insurance.